Monday, March 29, 2010


Not having the budget to trek down under to hear Ken Simpson’s presentation to the BCI Summit, I have settled for the next best thing…I reviewed his slide deck at Contemplating.

As with my previous post on a Profession in Transition, Ken subtly (at least without a script or speaker’s notes it appears subtle) suggests that EM and BCM are converging. I work at a rather complex level service delivery and I can tell you that when we examined our maturing BCM program it led to a similar convergence. So much so that Emergency Managers are cross training as Business Continuity Managers and taking ownership of the whole BCM program as a sub-component of the Disaster Management program.

This was done when it appeared to the EM world that BCM seemed to be satisfied once the plan was written. In fairness the task of developing a BCM program in our organization was enormous and as a result the focus was tended to be on compliance. This level of satisfaction was seen as complacency which frightened the Emergency Management crowd; you know the ones who see cascading effects around every corner and seem to want to push the dynamic nature of disasters (wicked problems) on the BCM planners.

It has yet to be tested, but it would appear that though this example of convergence, we paid attention to the techniques and processes of BCM while applying the more general concepts of EM to the finished BCM plans.

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  1. Hello Lee, convergence is certainly in the air. I would see it ranging further than just BC and EM - and in fact most organisation where this is being floated it is more around Risk/BC and in many instances IT Security/BC.

    Your point about BC becoming too plan focussed is well made. It is this thinking - put a plan on the shelf and you are done - that should be eliminated.

    Anyway, shame you didn't come down for the conference, I am heading to Toronto for WCDM in June if you will be around.

    I am working on recording the audio and publishing the session as a webcast. May make things a little clearer than just a slidepack. Should be done after Easter, gotta love a holiday period to catch up.

    Keep posting.