Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grand Strategy?

As I continue to explore Palin's ideas and concepts for Resilience as a Grand Strategy for a nation, I can't help but let the cynic in me have a post.

Is it really possible to have "grand strategy" in a modern, information age democracy? My experience indicates that governments at every level have very little appetite for conflict with its constituents and seek the middle ground even when idealistic visions are at stake. It appears that government policy and "strategy" are aimed solely at winning the next election. Instead of seeking power to impart ideological direction on a nation, it seems that in this age, seeking power has become the self-licking ice cream cone. (this phrase came to me at some time in my army career but like FUBAR I can't remember where I heard it first) Satisfying in and by itself with little need for much else!

In an era of polling, polls and special interest lobbying, is there a realistic chance that a government will set a nation on a course of doing what's right regardless of the political costs? I look south from my frozen backyard and watch with interest the recent attempts at ideological change of our neighbors and wonder what will be the ultimate outcome.

I warned you, the cynic has spoken. Now I can get back to considering resilience and its applicability to my work and studies.

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